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    look at how he’s holding her so close. She is laughing that big smile says everything you can tell by the smile that she is in love and there’s no place she’d rather be. And he…he looks up at her like that’s his world he loves her and would do anything to see that smile on her face.

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    justin and selena probably kissed in the rain i-

    of course

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    selena’s on her way to nyc

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    BUT WHERE IS TUTS????!!!!

    Tuts is with Alfredo’s nephew, Wubzy .

    Too lazy to take care of the best thing that happened to him

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    But seriously how can anyone hat on these two beautiful people who obviously make each other so happy and who share a love that is so real and beautiful that they keep running back to each other simply because together is the happiest they both can be

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  • August 27: New pictures of Justin and Selena Gomez arriving in Canada

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    Too many emotions in one day. I CAN NOT.

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    justinbieber: A rainy dream

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    August 27: [More] New pictures of Selena and Justin Bieber arriving at Waterloo Airport in Ontario, Canada

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